Cheap item I changed in my bathroom saves me $50 a month on my water bill

A TEXAS woman has revealed one easy switch in her bathroom that has led to big savings on her monthly water bill.

She shared the money-saving tip on TikTok.


A TikToker posted an easy bathroom fix that has led her to save $50 a month on her water billCredit: TikTok/teamhayhomeschools
The TikToker replaced all four flappers in her toilets for $30 in total to cut down on the amount of water used when flushing


The TikToker replaced all four flappers in her toilets for $30 in total to cut down on the amount of water used when flushingCredit: TikTok/teamhayhomeschools

Teamhayhomeschools said she regularly paid $140 a month on her water bill for her family of seven, which is home-schooled.

In her TikTok post from earlier this month, which has been viewed more than 600,000 times, she said her kids are home all day, increasing the daily water consumption.

After doing some research, she found that simply replacing the flapper in the water tank of the toilet reduced the water used when flushing.

She changed out the flappers in all four toilets in her home for a total of $30, purchasing the handy fix on Amazon.

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She made the switch about eight months ago and said she has consistently been saving $80-90 a month on her water bills.

These are now down about $50 a month, saving her about $600 a year.

Some TikTokers were ecstatic with the easy tip.

Estebanrodriguez321 commented, “100 did this and saved $3,000 on water bill at company I worked at.”

Another, Houtexkaren said: “I need this. We are in Texas and our bill was $352 last month.”

Others offered their own fixes – some were pretty unusual.

Milkie_toast offered: “alternatively, my dad used empty two liter soda bottles, filled them with water, and put those in the tank so it uses less water to flush.”

And Aldishopper605 said: “If you have an older toilet, put a brick in the back part.”

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