Cheapest house for sale in Swindon looks like horror movie set

Houses selling cheap that require some work to them are always highly sought after investments.

But potential homeowners looking for a doer-upper might well think twice before taking on this particularly property.

This red-bricked, two-bedroom home is selling for £60,000 and is believed to be one of the cheapest on the Swindon market.

But it won’t take long for prospective buyers to see why.

Set near the Designer Outlet, the house on Redcliffe Street appears quite nondescript from the outside.

But this home is in serious need of a top to bottom renovation.

The building is littered with mountains of rubbish. The floor can barely be seen in one of the bedrooms for all the rubbish mounting, including abandoned belongings and toilets rolls.

The bathroom is thick with mould and grime, and the bath itself is piled high with rubbish.

The hanging black mould, long-neglected Christmas decorations as well as the presence of a creepy doll in one room makes the place look like a scene from a horror movie.

The house appears to have been quickly vacated, with clothes still hanging in the kitchen and food and mess scattered everywhere.

The two-bedroom terraced house on Redcliffe Street has one bathroom and a large narrow garden, currently overgrown with vegetation, with a parking area nearby.

The Rightmove listing admits the house requires “complete modernisation” but says it’s located “near to local shopping and travelling facilities” including Swindon Rail Station which is only a 20 minute walk away.

Although this price tag looks a bargain, with average UK house prices now north of £274,000, the property has been on the market for five months.

Now the home, marketed by McHugh & Co, will be put to auction on May 26.

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