How does a clawfoot tub differ from a freestanding one? Building Roots couple renovate a log cabin in season finale

The Building Roots team knows just the right way to build a home. Tonight on the season finale of the reality TV renovation show, Ben and Cristi Dozier transformed a 1940s cabin into a cute family home.

As shown on Building Roots, clawfoot tubs are more traditional and come in handy to move without labor. The tubs are deeper than freestanding ones. The feet of the tub can be made out of either nickel or brass. Freestanding tubs are more trendy but cannot be installed in a small bathroom.

Ben and Cristi Dozier chose to install a clawfoot tub in the bathroom of a 1940s legacy log cabin as it would be part of a smaller bathroom meant for toddlers.

What happened on Building Roots tonight?

Tonight on Building Roots, Ben and Cristi Dozier crossed the Wolf Creek pass to transform a vintage cabin that the family has used since 2005. The siblings of the family, Lindsay and Taylor, wanted to add more space to the cabin.

Ben and Cristi immediately noticed that the home had lots of antique elements in the living room. The parents requested a new bathroom and a new room for their toddlers. The house also had a tiny kitchen and plain brown tiles. The family wanted the kitchen to be renovated without altering the outside walls or having it look like a “brand new kitchen.”

The basement of the home had lots of space but a very tiny bathroom. The Building Roots team decided to build a bunk bedroom in the basement and a bar near the living room. Ben and Cristi had five weeks to complete the project within a budget of $125,000.

The problem was that the house was built out of log cabins and needed chain saws to be cut through. The couple tore down the living room wall outside the kitchen to make the home look like an open-area space and installed a kitchen island in it. Ben then took down the bedroom wall nearby to make room for the kitchen cabinets. The couple decided to vault the roof to give it a modern aesthetic and opted to use dark colors to decorate the home.

Without altering the bar in the basement, the couple chose to install a new bedroom in the basement and decided to use the old bedroom space as a big bathroom. The team installed a new camp-style utilitarian sink in the bathroom and removed the shower built out of fiberglass.

The couple decided to install a new fireplace in the house. The family loved the changes made by the team and responded positively. The episode description reads:

“Two siblings need Ben and Cristi’s help to modernize a charming 1940s cabin for their large family without losing the home’s nostalgic feel; then, the Doziers aim to harness the potential of a couple’s overgrown and neglected backyard.”

The couple also took on another project in Monte Vista, which involved renovating a garden space.

Building Roots Season 1 featured Colorado couple Ben and Cristi Dozier, who renovate houses while trying to maintain the essence of the building. HGTV is yet to confirm if the show will return for a second season.

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