I’m a cleaning expert and here’s how to get your bathroom sparkling in just five minutes

FOR some cleaning is a fun and relaxing task, while for others it’s the worst item on their list of household chores.

Well if you’re a member of the latter category you’ll no longer have to worry with this quick five minute bathroom cleaning method.


Carolina’s quick method uses just two ingredientsCredit: @carolina.mccauley/Tiktok

Shared to TikTok by #CleanTok influencer Carolina Mccauley, this speedy strategy to get your bathroom sparkling clean has been viewed over 636.4K times.

And fans are loving it, one viewer even commented: “THANK YOU, YOU SAVED MY LIFE !!!!”

So how does this method work?

First all you need to do is just grab a dish wand and fill it 50/50 with vinegar and dish soap.

You can just use this to wipe down all your bathroom appliances from the sink to the shower and bathtub. 

According to Carolina, the vinegar and dish soap mixture will even remove hard water stains.

After wiping everything down just rinse it with some water and your bathroom will look all shiny and new.

Just remember to spray some air freshener afterwards to prevent your house smelling of vinegar.

Carolina’s not the only cleaning expert sharing her tips on TikTok, there a plenty of other #CleanTok influencers sharing their quick and easy cleaning methods too.

Cleaning and organising pro Caroline Solomon shared some of the ways you can quickly fake a clean house for those times you have guests coming round and have left cleaning to the last minute.

Another savvy cleaning expert has revealed the cheap product she uses to get her windows gleaming – and it only costs 89p.

In a short clip, cleaning whizz Kayleigh uses Stardrops pine scented disinfectant (which can be found for the low price of 89p) to clean and disinfect her windows. It doesn’t take long before her windows quickly appear good as new.

This quick and easy method will have your bathroom sparkling in no time


This quick and easy method will have your bathroom sparkling in no timeCredit: @carolina.mccauley/Tiktok

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