I’m a cleaning expert – the surprising cheap item that’s found in your bathroom will keep your car in great shape

WITH inflation and rising gas prices, running a car is getting ever more costly.

But keeping your vehicle clean doesn’t have to be expensive as one unusual hack proves.


A simple toothbrush and toothpaste can easily restore your car’s exteriorCredit: Getty Images

With some toothbrushes and toothpaste laying in your bathroom, you can easily revitalize your car’s exterior, per The Family Handyman.


Your toothbrush bristles are delicate and small enough to reach all the tiny crevices in your car.

The bristles can easily remove all the built-up grime, just like how toothbrushes clean your teeth.


To restore your headlights, you can clean the desired area with some glass cleaner or soapy water, then dry it off with some paper or absorbent towel.

You can then place some painter’s tape around the headlights to ensure protection around the car’s paint.

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Finally, you can squirt some toothpaste onto the headlight and polish it with a toothbrush.

For a more straightforward cleaning method, a YouTube video created by Keyless Entry Remote Inc exhibits an effortless procedure that anyone can follow.

To clean your dirty headlights, you only need a toothbrush, toothpaste, and paper towels.

You will then put some toothpaste onto your toothbrush and start scrubbing your headlights.

Next, grab the paper towels and start removing the paste.

This easy method will leave your headlights spot clean.


Once your crevices and headlights are all revived to their original delightful stages, you can start cleaning your rims.

You will first need a brake dust cleaner.

Then, start rinsing your wheels with some water to eliminate all the accumulated dust.

Spray some brake dust cleaner onto your wheel, and let it sit for the recommended time.

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You will then whip out the toothbrush again and gently rub the wheels, perfectly removing all the dirt and debris.

Finally, you can rinse the wheels with some water and use a microfiber cloth to dry them off.

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