I’m a Dollar Tree super fan – 21 weird hacks you didn’t know you needed using $1.25 items

SAVE money and get creative with your home.

Do It On a Dime’s Kathryn Snearly shared a video revealing 21 weird but useful home hacks using five $1.25 items from Dollar Tree.


One Dollar Tree super fan shared 21 home hacks using cheap items from the storeCredit: YouTube/Do It On A Dime
She stuck a soap dish on her window to use as a bird feeder


She stuck a soap dish on her window to use as a bird feederCredit: YouTube/Do It On A Dime


First, Snearly said to pick up a few soap dishes from Dollar Tree, which she mentioned have a five-star review on their website.

“They work really great on smooth surfaces, especially if you have a small space.”

Snearly used her soap dish to hold body wash and shaving cream in her shower but as another trick, she said you can stick it to a window to use as a birdfeeder as well.


To spice up your wall space, Snearly said to pick up Dollar Tree’s removable wall decals.

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“This is the best quality peel-and-stick tile I’ve ever seen Dollar Tree come out with,” she said.

Snearly used the wall decals to decorate the wall behind her bathroom mirror.

She said the removable wall decals are high quality, perfect for renters, and come off the wall super easily.

“I definitely give it five out of five stars.”


Dollar Tree has a number of cheap mirror options, but Snearly said you’ll want to pick up their newest mini mirror.

Rather than putting it on her wall, she places it on her bathroom countertop area to use as a tray.

“This is a really easy way to store all of your lotions or lipsticks,” she said.

“You can even decorate the side if you wanted to.”


To better display your wall decor, the Dollar Tree super fan said to get their $1.25 puck lights.

Getting creative, she tied hers into a $5 dinner bell she found at the Target Dollar Spot-find.

She then hung up her DIY bell light above wall art to help it stand out on her walls.


“Dollar Tree vases and candleholders also make really great bathroom organization that looks very high-end,” she said.

Snearly uses clear jars to store cotton swabs, extra bars of soap, and other bathroom necessities in a stylish way.

Many viewers loved her tricks, saying: “Amazing how you ‘reinvent’ items for other uses,” and “The birdfeeder idea is so cute!”

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She shared 15 other useful Dollar Tree items, listed below:

  • $1.25 hand soap that looks high-end
  • Soap dispenser for mouth wash
  • Mop and broom holder to hold hair styling tools
  • Basket for under sink storage
  • Eucalyptus fragrance broom in the shower for an aromatic experience
  • $3 Storage boxes for bathroom
  • Kitchen strainer for kid’s bath toys
  • Faux leather and ribbon to make a pouch
  • Sea themed decor boards from the craft section
  • Hardware storage cases to store faux lashes
  • Six pack of Evian sparkling water pack
  • High-end loofas (longer and stretchier)
  • Perfume holder for bathroom decor
  • Picture frames
  • $5 sandals/shower shoes
Mini mirrors make great trays for makeup and perfume


Mini mirrors make great trays for makeup and perfumeCredit: YouTube/Do It On A Dime
She put the puck light inside a dinner bell to create a light over her wall decor


She put the puck light inside a dinner bell to create a light over her wall decorCredit: YouTube/Do It On A Dime

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