I’m a thrifty spender – you can spend less than $10 at Dollar Tree for a bathroom makeover

A SAVVY social media user has shared a frugal strategy for giving your bathroom a facelift.

TikToker Seizethade showed off how people can redesign their bathroom for just a few dollars.


TikToker @seizethade shows off the before and after of her DIY bathroom makeover
She needed three rolls of Dollar Tree wallpaper to cover her walls


She needed three rolls of Dollar Tree wallpaper to cover her walls

In her video, she records her bathroom with plain white walls before transforming them into accent walls for just $3.

She went to Dollar Tree and got three rolls of peel-and-stick wallpaper for the makeover.

Each roll held 6.75 square feet of wallpaper and, predictably, cost $1.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is not as durable as traditional wallpaper, but it is far cheaper and still usually holds up for months.

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Wallpaper can cost $1 to $3 per square foot, according to Home Advisor, so every Dollar Tree roll offers up to $20 of savings.

You can also find cheap peel-and-stick wallpaper at stores like Walmart and Target, but Dollar Tree arguably has the best prices.

Shopping around will give you the chance to compare designs, which might be worth the extra cost if your Dollar Tree has a slim wallpaper supply.

After papering over the white walls and rearranging a few accent pieces, Seizethade’s bathroom looks totally different.

Three months after posting the video, she replied to a comment saying the wallpaper was still up “like the first day [she] installed it,” and hadn’t peeled.

She commented again a few months later saying that she took down the wallpaper and there was no damage done to the wall.

If you plan to redesign your bathroom similarly, be sure to measure your walls so you buy enough wallpaper.

And if you need a little help putting up your wallpaper, another TikTok user showed off a way to make the process easier.

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