Important to Know About High Risk Merchant Accounts

High risk merchant accounts come with several specifics, such as the high potential for chargebacks. This article sheds light on the main points concerning a high risk merchant account and tells you how you can open a reliable and affordable high risk merchant account in the U.S.


What You Should Know About High Risk Merchant Accounts

Knowing the main specifics about a high risk merchant account will let you make the right choice when opening one for your eCommerce business. When applying for a high risk merchant account, pay attention to security, clear pricing, and customer support.


Thankfully, there are reputable high risk payment processors like ready to work with hard-to-approve merchants and provide them with low cost, advanced, and secure high risk merchant accounts


EMB is rated the number one high risk processor in the U.S. EMB also carries an A+ rating with the BBB and is considered a respectful business funding provider in the high risk field. 


  • You can apply for high risk merchant services from a financial institution or bank willing to underwrite them. 


  • Be ready to pay higher fees as compared to traditional merchant services since a high risk merchant account is associated with a higher level of chargebacks and fraud.  


  • Usually, you’ll be charged both fees and processing charges. For example, these may include a setup fee set by the financial institution or bank, an annual fee, and even monthly fees. Some providers will also charge a sort of termination fee and a rolling reserve. 


The latter serves as an extra layer of protection for the merchant account provider in case they deal with fraud and chargebacks experienced by your business. As a result, part of the credit card transactions processed on behalf of your business is secured.


  • To approve you for a high risk merchant account, the provider will require you to go through extra scrutiny. Sometimes, the provider may even limit the transactions.


However, there are also several benefits that your business can enjoy when using a high risk merchant account. Specifically, you can increase the chances of business growth since a business with a high risk merchant account can sell certain products that a traditional merchant account holder can’t. 


In addition, you can enjoy better protection from chargebacks and accept payments from foreign countries from any corner of the world. 


High Risk Merchant Account Specifics to Know 

If you’re running a business with a greater risk of fraud or chargebacks, you need to apply for a high risk merchant account. Be ready to pay higher fees. Work with a trustworthy high risk processor to find the best deal for your business. 



High risk merchant accounts have their specifics & offer some benefits. Turn to a reliable provider. 

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