Kitchen Improvement Tips to Create More Space

1.  Declutter and organize

The act of decluttering and organizing is the most inexpensive way to improve and create more space in your kitchen.

I like sitting and watching Hoarders’ house transformation. I don’t know about you, but the feeling I get from just watching a house piled up with clutter and junk getting a makeover is relieving.

Decluttering essentially involves letting go of old, dated, or items you haven’t used in a long time and no longer gives you joy. Duplicate items, too many kitchen utensils, and non-functional appliances might be taking too much space.

When you let go of these listed categories of kitchen utensils and appliances you’ll be creating more space for the essential items and if need be additional items that don’t take much room.

From decluttering, you shall not only get extra space but also, cleaning and moving around the kitchen will be easier, and finding kitchen utensils becomes less of a task than it would normally be.

2.  All-in-one appliances

They are appliances that perform an extensive variety of kitchen tasks. They simplify the work whilst saving up space in the kitchen.

You can imagine if you had a machine that all together could cook, blend, steam, mix, knead, mince, chop, grind, weigh out ingredients, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice? This alone will save the need to purchase nine different machines.

A more popular all-in-one machine is the Thermomix, the blender that cooks. The thermomix has been wired with a lot of up to date technology to help perform its vast functions like kneading, steaming rice, making beans, pasta, and a lot more.

Most of the all-in-one appliances are usually a bit expensive as the integration needed involves a lot of complexity which explains the price. However, when you compare it with doing an individual purchase of all the integrated functions, you will somehow save some money.

It is common to find companies that falsely advertise all-in-one appliances, claiming that the appliance can be used multi purposely but once you purchase it, it does not live up to the advertisement.

Therefore, before you purchase an all-in-one appliance, ensure that you put it on a test if you are buying it from a local store.

If you are buying it online, then make a stop and look up the reviews of the particular company manufacturing the appliance at homeware companies reviews.

You’ll get to engage with the feedback from people who have used the appliance before and if they make a recommendation for purchase then you may go ahead and buy it.

The feedback will most importantly confirm that indeed the product can be used multi purposely.

3.  Counter-depth refrigerator

You might have seen counter depth refrigerators in popular modern kitchen transformation shows or you might already own one.

‘Counter-depth’ essentially means the distance between the back wall and the front of your kitchen countertops. The refrigerators that can fit in there perfectly are what are known as counter depth refrigerators.

After the installation of the refrigerators only a few inches is left out. This saves up a lot of floor space in the kitchen without reducing the storage space.

A regular or traditional refrigerator normally takes half a foot or more from the end of the kitchen countertops, hence taking too much space in the kitchen.

Investing in a counter-depth refrigerator will be a great value addition to your kitchen as well as saving up on space.

4.  Collapsable counters 

So you’re living in a tiny apartment with a tiny kitchen and you want to create more space in your kitchen and at the same time get more counter space for you to work on.

The best option for you is to install collapsible or foldable counters. You can simply pull them out when you need to use it and put it back in place when you’re done.

It will cost you less money too because they are very easy to install and you can do it by yourself.

5.  Drawer organization

Sometimes we lack space in our kitchen not because the kitchen is too small but because we haven’t organized our cabinets properly to accommodate all our kitchen utilities.

You can learn how to organize kitchen drawers, by use of dividers and better arrangement patterns. Or better still, you can get collapsible kitchen tools, this will save you a lot of storage space, such that when you’re not using them you fold them and stack them in the drawer.

All these are easy to find kitchen items and you purchase them online shops that sell storage and organization products such as Riverbend Home.

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