Meatless Monday: Plant-based cooking with America’s Test Kitchen

Plant-based diets have become more popular over the past several years. In fact, 10% of adults in the US now identify as vegetarian or vegan. That’s up from just 5% in 2018.

But eating a more plant-based diet isn’t just for the avid non-carnivores out there. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan or just an omnivore looking to cut back on meat, the world of plant-based cooking has something for everyone.

For tips and tricks on how to incorporate more plant-based meals into your day-to-day, we’re joined by America’s Test Kitchen’s executive editorial director Julia Collin Davison and executive food editor Dan Zuccarello.

Recipe featured in this segment:

Dark Chocolate Avocado Pudding 
Serves 6 


1 cup water
3/4 cup (5 1/4 ounces) sugar
1/4 cup (3/4 ounces) unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon instant espresso powder (optional)
1/4 teaspoon table salt
2 large ripe avocados (8 ounces each), halved and pitted
3 1/2 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped

  1. Combine water; sugar; cocoa; vanilla; espresso powder, if using; and salt in small saucepan. Bring to simmer over medium heat and cook, stirring occasionally, until sugar and cocoa dissolve, about 2 minutes. Remove saucepan from heat and cover to keep warm.
  2. Scoop flesh of avocados into food processor bowl and process until smooth, about 2 minutes, scraping down sides of bowl as needed. With processor running, slowly add warm cocoa mixture in steady stream until completely incorporated and mixture is smooth and glossy, about 2 minutes.
  3. Microwave chocolate in bowl at 50 percent power, stirring occasionally, until melted, 2 to 4 minutes. Add to avocado mixture and process until well incorporated, about 1 minute. Transfer pudding to bowl, cover, and refrigerate until chilled and set, at least 2 hours or up to 24 hours. Serve.

Find more plant-based recipes in America’s Test Kitchen’s The Complete Plant Based Cookbook.

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