My Roll-Up Drying Rack Is a Faster Way to Dry Dishes

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Last year, I moved to an island where it’s pretty common for kitchens to lack dishwashers. This was a drastic change from my sleek high-rise apartment in New York City, where I had the convenience of a microwave, a stovetop oven, and (you guessed it) a dishwasher.

The versatile over-the-sink dish rack is made from sturdy steel rods wrapped in grippy silicone. Folding each rod inward rolls the rack up tightly enough to store in a kitchen drawer, meaning you don’t always have to keep it on your sink. It’s designed with gaps that are narrow enough that spatulas, cups, bowls, and serving spoons don’t fall through, but still provide an airflow that speeds up the drying process. I ordered the smaller version, which is 17.5 inches by 13.1 inches and fits perfectly over my double bowl sink, but it also comes in two larger sizes if you have a substantial sink. 

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I’ve stacked all kinds of kitchenware onto my dish drying rack, such as plates, bowls, silverware, cups, and mugs. The rack is also sturdy enough to provide extra space to prep ingredients. I’ve placed a cutting board onto the rack to chop up fruits, vegetables, and cheese, and it doesn’t even slide a centimeter despite the weight. 

In addition to drying dishes, I also love to use the roll-up dish rack to protect my countertop. After making a hot pot of green curry, I’ll place it on top of the surface to cool. And I don’t have to worry about damaging the rack; it’s heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

I’ve used this dish rack for several months and there’s not a trace of rust. And if there is some lingering food residue on the rods, I usually scrub it down with dish soap. (For those of you with dishwashers, you can fold it up and toss it right inside for an easy clean.)

Amazon shoppers also praise this “space- and time-saver,” which has earned more than 26,000 five-star ratings. “This is a must for a small kitchen with little counter space,” one reviewer said. “When you need that side of the sink, just roll the rack up. It is so convenient.”

“​​It works perfectly, stays solidly in place on my double-sided sink, and allows my items to dry in half the time,” another person added. Others add that it’s so handy, they are buying multiple to have around the house. 

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