Recipe Swap: Broccoli and feta come together in recipe for a hearty frittata | Food & Cooking

This frittata makes a nice brunch dish. It helps that it’s as good room temperature as warm, so you don’t have to rush to eat it.

This recipe comes from America’s Test Kitchen’s “The Complete Autumn & Winter Cookbook,” but I wouldn’t hesitate to serve this frittata any time of year.

As the Test Kitchen staff says in the book, a frittata has been called “a lazy man’s omelet.” It’s just a bit less fussy yet still mighty tasty. The staff worked hard to craft a foolproof recipe for a frittata that is “tender, evenly cooked, cohesive” and “big and hearty enough to serve at least four for dinner.”

Chopping the vegetables finely helps the final product hold together well. The milk gives a bit of protection from overcooking and a rubbery egg texture. The two-step method with the stove and oven also helps ensure even cooking.

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