Simin Xu reveals the tricks behind his “straightforward, simple and regular” package designs

When Simin Xu (徐宾粟) says he likes “straightforward, simple and regular designs”, well, he isn’t joking. Working towards minimalism in all its refined and structured glory, each glyph and mark the designer composes has been cleverly thought out before he turns it into a pleasing piece of packaging. It’s clear that he prefers to let the audience know exactly what they’re getting – “to let consumers clearly understand your design and products,” he tells It’s Nice That.

Based in Ningbo, China, Simin defines himself as a graphic designer, photographer “enthusiast and planner”. He learned his craft during university and since (for the past eight years, to be exact), he’s been working as a designer alongside the co-founding of his brand 寓义 to Define®. Through the latter arm, Simin designs for a host of different products in the branding world, often working with Yuihome Living to create identities for perfumes, oils and scented candles, as well as the posters and bags, boxes and packets they all arrive in. When working on a project like this, Simin looks to the user – or consumer – first to determine the style “they can accept and love”. This can be a lifestyle, reading habit or colour preference; the things that make us, us. Then it’s on to the design stage, before turning to the budget, materiality and process. Last but not least, it’s the sketching stage and use of software, typically Adobe and building “some hand-painted or hand-crafted representations”.

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