Small kitchen fire breaks out at Koi on Easter morning

The Fire Department draws a hose into Koi Fine Asian Cuisine & Lounge on Easter morning. (Photo by Fred Tanenbaum)

The Evanston Fire Department quickly extinguished a small kitchen fire at Koi Fine Asian Cuisine and Lounge on Sunday morning, according to Kimberly Kull, Evanston Fire Department’s Public Information Officer.

Crews quickly extinguished the fire and no civilians or firefighters were hurt, Kull said.

The fire is still under official investigation, but it broke out during a cooking operation, she added.

Robert Todd reported smelling smoke while walking through the area on Sunday morning. (Photo by Robert Todd)

It was extinguished with about 50 gallons of water, Kull said.

Fred Tanenbaum, who lives in a condo near Koi, said he heard the ambulance sirens around 10:15 a.m. on Sunday.

Tanenbaum said the fire department was outside the building for slightly more than half an hour.

He did not smell any smoke during that time, but watched the fire department hook up a hose to a fire hydrant and bring it inside the building.

There was also an ambulance parked outside the building, with a stretcher on stand-by, though neither was needed because no one was hurt, Tanenbaum said.

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