This DVD cover design went viral for the wrong reasons

Graphic design isn’t always easy, right? And sometimes when you’re working for a big client, the pressure can get the better of you, and you might make a teeny-tiny mistake. Well, it looks as though that might’ve happened to the artist behind the Nobody DVD cover.

An eagle-eyed Twitter user spotted a design blunder on the Blu-Ray DVD cover for the movie Nobody. At first glance, the cover looks totally normal, but if you have a closer look at the critic’s quote, you’ll realise that one designer has made quite the mistake. If you’d like to have a go at designing your very own DVD covers, then make sure you check out our guide on how to download Photoshop and get creating. 

A close up of the Nobody DVD blunder

Can you spot the mistake? (Image credit: justanotherfilmnerd via Twitter)

Justanotherfilmnerd spotted that underneath the quote, “An absolute blast from start to finish,” it says “critic name, publication” instead of the actual name and publication. The Twitter user shared a photo of the cover to Twitter alongside a poll that asks whether the design was a ‘cockup’ or a ‘gag’ (it is a comedy movie after all). The poll received over 500 votes and 62% of voters thought it was a design fail instead of a joke. 

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