TikTok hack for cheap international flights from Australia goes viral

With the cost of living booming, we are all looking to save a few dollars here and there. But this hack could save you hundreds on your next flight.

A TikTok user’s simple trick to finding cheap flights anywhere around the world has gone viral – and it can be done from your keyboard.

TikTok user @lifeofjazz__ has revealed a simple change in the way one searches for a flight could have drastic consequences on the price they pay for a fare.

The brief tutorial, which focuses on securing fares through Google Flights, quickly attracted more than 50,000 views.

The simple trick comes down to how you search for the dates of the intended flight. Instead of selecting for ‘Specific Dates’ in the search engine, opt for ‘Flexible’ dates instead and punch in whatever month you intend to travel.

The TikToker then reveals by leaving the final destination blank, and select non-stop flights only and put the price down to £50 ($A88), the cheapest flights are narrowed down for each given month.

The hack then shows off every flight around the world for under $A88.

Within minutes, a list of locations popped up behind the woman from Berlin to Glasgow, Madrid and Budapest.

The video, which has been viewed more than 51,000 times was met with comments praising the hack.

“This is a lifesaver,” one person wrote.

“Thanks so much for this tip.”

While handy, however, Canstar finance expert Steve Mickenbecker told Traveller consumers should always be wary before jumping on the cheapest flight they find.

“You may find that following travel hacks to get low-cost deals to save on airfares could blow out your trip times and potentially see you losing a day of your holiday at the beginning and the end of your trip,” warned Mickenbecker.

Last year, a flight attendant’s recent TikTok video revealed three tips for making an economy flight more comfortable but one of the hacks left first class passengers furious.

Titled “Change the way you travel,” the video, created by a user called @katkamalani, explained three ways to improve your experience when flying economy.

The first suggested female passengers check a “secret compartment” in the toilet, which can sometimes hold menstrual products.

The second, however, proved far more controversial.

“Everyone thinks you can’t use the first-class bathroom but you totally can,” she said.

“As long as you’re not standing in the galley you’re free to use their lavatory.”

Posted yesterday, the video has amassed more than 17,000 views and users commented in support of the cheeky bathroom tip.

“I’m always using the first class bathroom,” one user wrote.

“I totally thought we couldn’t use the first-class bathroom,” another added.

Kamalani’s third piece of advice was to never accept an airline’s first offer when they attempt to buy you off an oversold flight. Instead, she said, always negotiate additional money or perks.

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