What role does iron sulphate play in the scarifying process?

Grass, like any organic organism, needs nutrients in order to thrive, grow and, most importantly, stay healthy. Just as we need vitamins, your lawn needs iron sulphate. This element helps your lawn absorb and make the most of the energy it receives from sunlight during the process of photosynthesis. If your lawn looks yellowed or breaks easily, it is likely that your lawn is deficient in this nutrient. It is also important to remove moss or weed from your lawn at least once a year. Scarifying is the process of removing any foreign organic material from your lawn using a rake or any other similar tool. This makes it easier for your lawn to breathe and allows nutrients to penetrate the soil to reach the roots.

How do you know the correct dosage your lawn needs?

Every lawn is different. Some are designed to withstand the constant traffic of people and animals while others are focused on complementing your lawn’s décor. Knowing what dosage of iron sulphate your lawn needs depends on several factors. For example, if your lawn is in direct sunlight or if it is shaded by a tree or something similar. The good news is that manufacturers have products specially designed for every occasion. Just read the instructions or consult with customer support. After scarifying, it is recommended to apply nutrients to the lawn to help it recover more easily. The organic material you remove from your lawn can be used to create compost. On the Internet you can find different ways to do it, combining natural elements and fertilizers to enhance its effect.

What tools do you need for scarifying?

To take care of your lawn you always need some tools to make your job easier. Some people water it with a container while others use sprinklers. Some use natural fertilizer while others use iron sulphate. However, removing moss or any other organic matter from your lawn can be a back-breaking job if you don’t use the right tools. If your yard is small you can use your hand, but if it is large, you can use tools like a verticutter. We’re not saying you have to buy one to do the scarifying. The good news is that there are companies that rent them, so you don’t have to spend large amounts of money to take care of your garden. Remember that once you are done, you should apply fertilizer as your lawn will need it to replenish itself.

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